What’s The Best Poker Advice You’ve Ever Received?


Among several card games, poker stands out, beyond the popular theory that it is a game of luck. Beyond your heart, it is a game of the mind, hence, your thinking faculty must be at its best. Today, folks tend to stay at home and craft a freelance job that earn a fair income, poker can be seen as a professional job as well. Top of the list, as a newbie in the industry, you need to make up your mind to either play for the cash or for leisure. Your choice set in place, your motivation that can either keep you in the best of shape or out of the game in no time.

After your choice is made, you

After your choice is made, you must make your mind to be a learner or a student of the game. Card games are bests seen as an art, there is a consistent training to it; you could devout your time to study the game plays and styles. Just like other sports, there are certain terminologies that you must acquaint yourself. Furthermore, some of these terms includes: card ranks, strategies etc. You must consistently remind yourself that it is a day’s affair but time must be allotted to improve your craft.

Time management is using time wisely, which can be measured based on productivity. This a game of the mind, you must then vow to manage your time; create a schedule that you will adhere strictly. You cannot in any way allot all your 24 hours to game playing. Dedicate time for sleep, it keeps your mind fresh and there must be family time; this gives you a sense of calmness. More importantly, time create for studying your craft must not be compromised or treated with disdain, eat and exercise well to keep your body functioning at optimum.

What's The Best Poker Advice You've Ever Received?

There is no such thing as a winning streak is always a hundred percent albeit the motto is, “win some and lose some”. Importantly, your wins must surpass your losses and like the greatest will say, you must manage your risk. Gambling can be addictive, a good poker player must know when to quit irrespective of the wins or losses as well. Remember that best usually get rusty, take regular breaks and improve your craft, some times you might need that holiday or romantic getaway to clear your mind or reset your game style.

At these point, it is certain you fall in the category that intend to go all the way with this profession. You must save for the rainy day or at least save for your retirement. Profits and gains come in season’s, you can take advantage of these times and invest your income in other investment. More so, you can put your spouse or trusted person in charge of the investment to prevent you from gambling away your future; poker is literally a drug. This one hits deep at the bone marrow, being a poker player doesn’t exempt you from your responsibility as a father or husband, being frugal is your smartest skill or game play.

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